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KimF: I'm here! JimL: Great! MeganR left the room.

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KimF: JillW, many of the teachers had limited access, and were able to make things work. KimF: KerryE, there are some limitations.

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KimF: Actually, Jim, that link has changed. For instance, I had Math classes for which there was no online support. ChristinMC: Was it difficult to not meet face-to-face often?

PhilE: That was a mistake. How has this been handled in 321 online courses? MeganR: How did you recieve hands on help when and if it was needed? MeganR left the room.

KimF: We only met twice. Enter a one-word nickname below and select the "Connect" button to begin.

BrookeK ed the room. JoB: How much computer knowlege did you have before you started the program and was it a prerequisite when you applied to the program? KimF: The trials and tribulations of online instruction!

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CristyM left the room ed off. KimF: Luckily, we chah produced enough work along the way during the course workthat reinventing the wheel wasn't really necessary. KimF: Can you see my home ? I think we could credit our instructors with that, because when we did meet face-to-face, they made it a point to get us involved with one another.

JimL: What's the new one?

Made it very difficult. MeganR ed the room.

BarbaraEd: So, the big question for me is KimF left the room ed off. Students were able to use BB in the classroom and outside at home or in the open labs. JimL: Best of luck with your summer and next academic year. KimF: I 2311 that my answers have helped all of you. I have taken one myself, but I always felt detached from the other members.

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BeckyP left the room ed off. AgustinA ed the room. Jim would know more about that.

That helped a lot, because we learned from each other. Anything you want to add about any of those or about the twins? JenniferCM left the room ed off.

KimF: PhilE, dhat seemed that our cohorts bonded well. KimF: Both synchronous and asynchronous discussions JenniferCM what would you consider the greatest impact of the program on your classroom teaching? Learn about the retirement process, managing your existing files, and alternative services at the Andrew File System Retirement Information.

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KimF: It was great to talk to you. BeckyP: I made several friends through the MA program.

I found that if I put things off, it made catching up very difficult, because, there's always something to do with your family. Does fastest typist dominate? Also, we did group projects but it was very awkward to discuss details via internet bulletin boards due to long turn around times.

JimL: ok, let me introduce Kim Fitzer, who I mentioned has just finished her masters online, teachs, and had twins. ChristinMC left the room chqt off.

JimL: so that's the "pre-makeover" link? We really had to focus on who chqt audience is, and then tailor our selections for the portfolio to fit that group. JimL: Ok, thanks Kim.