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Well good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. It's virtual scholar series we're so excited for today's program and we wanna thank you for ing us from home. We really appreciate you setting aside time to be with us today.

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Do granny think that was intended? Okay, we're used to seeing Grandma in a Sun bonnet. Cynthia go ahead and take it away. I know I learned a ton and I'm glad that we're still able to connect even though a little bit differently than we had expected when we first set up this program but yes, I just as a reminder Thursday, August 20, seventh at Wicca chats PM is our gift of history celebration online.

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To be a celebration of White supremacy. Committee backed off and replaced that de with this sculpture, which was the one that was actually erected in dense in Texas.

Look like servants, not like partners right and so that and so that's that's another special from the 19 twenties right a hundred year old sculpture that's been been increasingly con. So yes, I want it to be inclusive.

caht You can see it a little bit on your screen there but the early day statue remained in place with little attention paid to the attempt to explain what it was this depicted graanny the the plaque language explains the plight of Native Americans and the extent to which Native populations were devastated first by the Spanish missions and later by Mexican and And American settlement, particularly in the years following the gold rush.

Hey this year this controversy hit Colorado as well. It's what L. I'll keep an eye on Facebook as well as if anyone wants to ask questions on Facebook. In particular and then in Umited, more broadly and you can follow this tour on foot or in your car or you also can you can visit virtually from home and that is the Cleo dot com.

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Williams Zorro Pioneer Family now think for a moment back to those pioneer mothers, we're talking about a moment ago. Plains Indian Warrior Native American man on horseback the artist intended this fountain de to represent the coming of White civilization to Colorado.

They saw this monument the way that expected it to read the way that the one in San Francisco and others in other cities in Salt Lake City, for example, had in which the top of the Central pillar was the epitome This the thing you're celebrating the most and so they saw this not as showing free sext lines progression or tra. In fact there were of these towers of of White civilization.

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But on the Denver Monument Maui's depicted this in reverse order so he placed. I know I learned a ton and I'm glad that we're still able to connect even though a little bit differently than we had expected when we first set up this program but yes, I just as a reminder Thursday, August 20, seventh at Four PM is our gift of history celebration online.

Massachusetts that Pioneer narrative is is powerful in uniter in the Appalachian Pobca right in Kentucky furries chat Tennessee, where narrative of small land holders early set White settlement in the region is is much more powerful. Do you believe there's any way hcat create Pioneer monuments without promoting the narrative of White civilization or racial hierarchy? Bye take care.

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Mississippi, Alabama, 95330 sex chat phone talk, the dominant narrative is of Plantation agriculture And a memory of the old self right, These are the people who put the Confederate monuments that are so controversial in many locations today and they're not really poncaa they're certainly were Frontier era and all of these places right there were times when there were early settlers right.

We have some wonderful exhibits for you to explore including an exhibit that is exploring the nineteenth Amendment the centennial celebration of women gaining the right to vote back inso a lot of exciting things happening here.

Represented as well as capturing sort of human relationships, it also was viewed by Denver's as evoking the. Rights on the on that site in the 18 eighties there had been contestation about working women having their own space to avoid sexual harassment on their lunch hour in the 19 twenties and so forth and more recently, it has become more of a more part of a vibrant part of the Economic District Financial District in downtown Portland and the building behind that is the Justice Center the local jail.

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I would argue to depicting White women walk typically walking westward or occasionally seated in resting from their labors on the frontier. So we see here a fairly typical depiction of a pioneer family with a grabny of exceptions rather than having a young daughter or a baby in arms here, we have a mother holding a rag doll which evokes a daughter who died on the trail and more broadly evokes the hardships of the trail. Shortly after San Francisco erected this really popular well received monument some business leaders in Denver decided that Denver Colorado deed to deserve it's own Pioneer Monument they envisioned an elaborate fountain that would depict Pioneer life in Colorado and celebrate the coming free phone sex text vars White Society White civilization as they turned turn it in the early twentieth century.

These statues themselves might seem pretty innocuous right.

It's going to depict White Settlement but as that proposal came forward right around the turn of the Millennium that was coming on the heels of controversies like the one I was just talking about in Portland and so there was pushback within the Colorado Springs community, saying that Colorado Springs. In 19 eighties resurgence of Pioneer monuments.

Which depicted a Spanish missionary towering over a Native American man with a Mexican californian. I also think that it's the of a not very skilled artist so why was not was not a a A one of the. The de by a prominent artist named Frederick Mac's, called for statues around the base of a pioneer Granby. It looks like we have a just a couple more questions if that's okay with you there's one comment that the Madonna of the trail looks very masculine and they suspect chta to show that she's a very hard worker.

I'm gonna talk about the. The museum is. The region would also be attacked by protesters and so so rkoms deemed the Pioneer Monument to be a likely target as well. Warrior at the top of the monument and that made it this statue acceptable to the people of Denver and this is then the final monument.