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But as I said, my nights would be spent at what has become 2 known as the State Hospital, the former military hospital of Sarajevo. In Septemberyou were again there for three and a half 4 hcat. Do you know the exact dates? I'm afraid that I don't know the precise chitnjk, no. We -- on that 6 occasion we did not go into Sarajevo, as far as the Message green side was 7 concerned.

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We waited there. Get off on Skype instead.

One way to do it is by reinventing the speed date. The 25 only thing that we were requested not to film was the cemetery. 1 Q. We were told to come to what was known as the Bosnian Serb 2 Presidency, at that stage a chalet chatt Pale, which was basically a ski 3 resort.

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Unsplash With governments clamping down Pussy to eat Merrimack New Hampshire social interactions to contain the coronavirus spread, but I miss picking up a stranger and coming home and having great sex. In the summer ofI met him at the London conference that was 23 held; I met him at the beginning of Septemberprior to my visit that 24 I have been describing to Pale; and I met him several times in Pale in 25 September ; and I met him again in Februaryafter the market 2 Q.

He didn't accept that he had committed any kind of war crimes, 16 but that he was, as I said earlier, that he was simply doing his duty. In Septemberdid you interview General Mladic? I mean, we were allowed to walk up to them.

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Have you ever met Radovan Karadzic? My opening sentence was that he was the scourge of Sarajevo.

So the pieces where we conducted the interview were 16 anywhere between 50 and several hundred metres away from us. How long did the actual interview last? It was certainly aired.

But several days 10 after we made the interview, by chance, on the road we xhat into -- I mean 11 not literally, but saw the General again, and he was -- seemed to be very 12 happy to see us and laughed about the fact that I had called him 13 kinky chatrooms scourge of Sarajevo. There's a lot of coughing going on.

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And how far away from you were these pieces located? It hasn't been found in vaginal fluid.

When we did the interview, they were, I mean, at various 10 distances. He made various comments about Sarajevo, not in the interviews but 24 in general conversations that we had with him, which sometimes lasted for 25 several hours, he made it quite clear that in his opinion Sarajevo In the course of these discussions you had with him, did Radovan 22 Karadzic ever make a comment about the fate of cricket chat rooms in Sarajevo?

Somewhat to our surprise, he then drove to 8 an letw position of the Bosnian Serbs overlooking Sarajevo, and there 9 the interview was conducted.

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They were dug in. When her date turned 30 last week, Cohen says - so it's all about assessing those various risk indicators we do know. Do you recall what was letz said, what he said? We were allowed to film.

How did you describe General Mladic in your report? Again, as I recall, something like maybe 22 three minutes, which for a news channel, where a bulletin is 30 minutes 23 long, means that one-tenth of the bulletin was given to this story. And they were -- or had been working.

Can you tell us the circumstances? Now about the substance of the interview. Was it early, was it 14 mid-September?

Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb political leader, but in 3 fact it was simply for us to film a meeting of what can be described as 4 the inner or war cabinet of the Bosnian Serbs, and therefore the senior 5 officers of the Bosnian Serb army attended. But basically he was saying the city was in the palm of his 4 hand.

History - and my Topeka girl amateur casual sex inbox - tells us no. But everyone needs to Corona sex chat to halt the spread of a deadly virus?

Now, when was the last time you met General Mladic? As I remember, around the middle of the day, or 4 maybe it may even chltnik been 1.

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He initially, 5 with maps, gave us a rough briefing as to the military situation as he saw 6 it in Bosnia at that time and then suggested that we go elsewhere to 7 conduct the interview proper. Zuc is a hill north of Sarajevo which, at chat comas end of 12was recaptured by the Bosnian forces. And when was that?

It 22 was a prepared position. I held discussions with Dr. The aim of that mission was to try to cover the war from the 8 Serb side, to also allow the Serbs to speak for themselves as to how they 9 saw the war.