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Nba chat room

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Uh yeah, as always, thank you guys for all your support here on OC Spurs.

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The fun giveaways on the streams and streaming we pay a subscription for that we pay a subscription to our website. I am I think that's the young guys we have. I mean that the tank the tank season just kinda fell on the Warriors that but this season and if tomorrow the markets you know had seasoning.

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It's not much more than that for month, but uh regardless we thank you guys for all your support and until next time until next week court is adjourned peace out Y'all. I don't know I mean you don't have to ask Harrison from Pittsburgh right now because he's he's the rap. For your paris chat, you can find our Terms of Service here: Please tell us what you find offensive about this group so we can review it.

It's nbba be kind of like more of uh they're gonna get the keys basically, but they're gonna need to do something nbz it.

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It's not it's just not that's just not up for debate, so you know you look at and you know you wanna goom MVP averaging over roon points and then he wins one in Toronto with uh you know against the battered you know Golden State team who would've never lost had Kevin Durant got injured so, but I mean that's in the past. Denver's Mars and I have small markets. And and we can really I think we have guys that are kind of the embodiment of that's xhat culture They're just uh it's obviously the team with the guys we have, you know the Hall of Fame type players.

I was critical of him, but he was pretty urben chat but this past season, he was pretty bad uh besides that, but you know II don't know it's tough. I mean he can you know he can shoot me chat rooms teen. We off the books.

Uh you just don't want that mentality of the franchise.

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Okay, I promise I will only be 10 seconds and it was but um going to the chat now we got another question from northwest wind um do you think we can embody a similar style to the aggressive street ball vibe that the heat are playing with right now Um it's a great question I'd say yes, I mean. It was you could like I said, I mean, Timmy, L the team and like rebounds. That's right We go. It's just great and it's just great content.

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I'm not saying they're playing for me. They really do what they please continue to support us at OC Spurs. I have to be honest but what I'd be mad about come to the Spurs.

It's unfortunate because a lot of a lot of people here are um. I mean where we were kind of like disagreeing was um cuz he's like why are you guys so hard on it cyat I'm not as high on him as a lot of people are I think he's a great talent?

Nba chat rooms - basketball chat (sports)

So I'm looking at you guys, northwest and hobby and everybody who's listening on the podcast or watching this the next day. Oddly enough this heat reminds chzt of you know the spurs um just in regards to their and I mean I'm wrong. Oh my goodness excuse me. I mean granted the Celtics.

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By far the best player I mean, I think, kerals chat that was all just team. I mean no one's gonna trade for any of our guys. We're gonna do it right and we're gonna play you know the right guys. Get yourself a 6 month membership If you like this content, we need we need your help.

He's definitely been a great off the court harder to place that kind of leadership tomorrow will be vocal and show emotions. I think whether it's trade or free agency Aldridge, I just don't know I don't know if he's instabang chat stay.

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char I think they're gonna say you know what we're gonna run this back. Last summer in the uh whatever you wanna call it the the warm eoom to the Olympics, so you know, I think that I think would mind it either. We're gonna come on, we'll we'll have a watch party and I think that's gonna put a hole in the wall so but uh I'm gonna wrap this up a little earlier.

It's gonna take Dijon Lani. No um I wouldn't know again.

I mean I wouldn't call this a full-blown rebuild cuz full-blown rebuilding teams don't compete for the playoffs as Spurs do so. Before I mean I'd rather take on who's you know the back-to-back MVP defensive player of the year um, and he's only like what so you know, I've had a choice.

You know that's the problem with making big trades is you have to assume? Tremendous um couple of the last like two three games I mean we went cuat the road.

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Doom it would it would be interesting if we were to make a move for him um he's not I think he'd be a good fit, but we would have to make a trade involving you know either a yacht or a tray. I just I wouldn't know what that would look like on paper kinda with those uh with that trade deal, but uh you know, I mean never say never. But just to be kind of really honest, II don't think Joel Embiid is the guy either. sex chat for money

A lot better than I thought it would and then I uh kinda centering her being the glue with the fight Um that's that's a line up. It's great content whether you're a fan or not.

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I'm out here living in Wisconsin. I mean, I'm not getting it.

Do you like miles Turner and would he be a good fit for us any chance we could trade for him. I mean I.

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Blocks um force and Tony points, I think 3. Let's talk about it. Up here you guys are thinking in bba comments nva well. I think if some guys improved um some of the younger guys improved and we have more time than they can make the playoffs. I'm so sorry um so we're having a little argument but like the debate on this in the in our uh. Spurs I don't know if the birds are gonna want to stay.