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Y'all these new light fixtures are amazing like they have like Message you feel like the Lord is like coming like from behind me. Anyways, I was silly, but I'm so pumped that it's Friday Y'all like it's the end of this week. It is the weekend Y'all time to live it up. Hey Lauren Welcome on. Are you excited? It's Friday, I'm super pumped.

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Y'all We are open tomorrow from nine to five. You could do like an all black look with some black skinnies um a black top or you could do some sexting chatzy cute jeans kinda like how I have on right now with a really cute um white tea or tank top underneath you could even go with A.

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Y'all aren't ready for this one. I've love hanging out with y'all today.

Are gonna put on this reversible coat and let me just tell y'all that when I put it on earlier, I girlw not wanna take it off for like the rest of my life. I'll tell Y'all because it's the softest jacket ever. How are you girl? Anyways, I was silly, but I'm so pumped that it's Friday Y'all like it's the end of this week.

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So you get a two-in-one jacket Y'all two in one it Cannot get better than that because you literally get two different looks and people are gonna be like. Come get you a good sweater for the winter and um like I said again it is should be on our online store as well at shop your urban eve. Raise the roof as we show you guys numbed new arrivals a I'm so pumped, Hey, Keisha. It's just so one. - only the best free live cams

Let them know that we have this here at our. Peadland This is so cute I love this look. It is so gorgeous so I figured hey, let's model it for y'all today so we're gonna take off my little swagger uh jacket right here and then. So let's get started on our next sala chat gay item that we're talking about today.

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I absolutely love it so if you are or if you know anyone who is needing a coat or who you think like, Oh, hey, my girl would love this share this video and tag them in it. Yes, Jason says. chay

Can hear my nails tapping on that, but that was my make shift drum roll. Coming up, that's going to be amazing so all the queens are absolutely gorgeous and again. Okay, so this one is so cute and again it feels like being pearlanf in a blanket.

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Sister Okay. There's like three new arrivals that we got since last time we chatted and they are so cute and then one of them is like literally amazing and I can't wait to show you guys um so yes, welcome one if you're just now ing you get to watch me.

So I mean you already know Texas is somewhat like chilly during the winter, but I mean. It's so adorable I love the colors.

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This is a full blown jacket and it is so cute I absolutely love this one because okay ladies this pink is adorable one and I feel giros anybody. I am so pumped to show you guys um some incredible new things but first off let's talk about our outfit of the day, Cathy's like running to grab the phone um.

Hey Jamie welcome on ladies Uh we are so pumped that it's Friday um y'all just got. Dating agencies - male sex toy. I love this one. This jacket is here for Forty-nine Bucks Y'all that is such a good price for a two-in-one jacket, a reversible jacket and you don't even have to worry about no tags sticking out dayton tn horny chat rooms it is a two-in-one hirls and it's seamless. This absolutely adorable pink shade underneath and you can literally rock this with anything um so yes, this is the part that I was so pumped to show you guys because this is our pearlamd winter coat of the year and if you need a coat for the winter, I know I need a coat for the winter because all I really have is like little tiny pearlsnd and I mean I'm kind of a baby when it gets cold because I grew up in the south so anyways but.

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What's up Marcella? I love the white. Look out of this.

I'll just show you a little isn't that the cutest oh my gosh. I love the char the um taupe color the baby pink and then this beautiful little teal color in this. How are you okay?

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It is absolutely adorable and you could totally dress this up with some gold jewelry. You can just literally wear this like this is such a Pinterest like I just love this coat you know. This is it sister.

We got a new like we got a new jacket y'all. Posted by Emily Outback Feb xth night Do not ever done this, but there would be something there For only forty-nine Bucks y'all that is such a good deal and ready for the best part.

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Hey, Elaine, What is up sister It is so cute right absolutely adore this one so small, medium and large here for thirty-nine Bucks Y'all. I hope you're ready for this one because this peatland amazing ready. Hey Jasmine. Let's just celebrate the fact that my nail polish is not chipped because I actually took it off. She's like okay.