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I find it very doubtful that this case will be successful, but it may deserve tslk mention in the article. Anyway, couple of points: From what I glanced in the articles, it seems that court case has started, but nothing has been settled yet.

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I have agreed to put the term seperately as the sexualized lesbian is more common these days, however, the other lesbian should still be mentioned. Paul has backed off a bit on his complete condemnation of the references, which I have shown to be reliable and accessable, but a problem remains: is lssbains safe to assume that, just because something is a proven WSWSTD, as the references do, it a proven LsbSTD?

Or, really, we all can. I don't want to make it an article only about Greek Lesbians, but something along the lines of gay would be better.

A definite keep. The most detailed discussion appears to be in The Sleep of Reason: Erotic Experience and Sexual Ethics in Ancient Greece and Atlk, by Martha Nussbaum and Juha Sihvola University of Chicago Press,in which there is an of the terminology used by ancient authors and its jump chat in post-medieval medical literature.

A note can be found easily, and earlier references can probably be found using the OED. Was it in specific explanatory contexts? I have acquiesced to certain calls because you were right and it was fair, however, to remove it altogether lebains quite another matter. I did not mention "an unsourced use of the word in Greek". However, that shouldn't mean there is no room for the other term that is non-westernized.

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And no, it would not satisfy me, because I have no tendentious wish to list lesbaine associated with sexual orientations. All women with any history of sex with a woman were compared with women who denied ever having sex with another woman youngerteen chat. Essentially the more promiscuous you are then the more infections you are likely to get.

BV was common among subjects who did not douche, who did not have concurrent sex with male partners, or who did not have a new sex partner, which suggests that other risk factors for BV exist. Chrisrus talk24 November UTC You are to be commended for your diligence, but I still think that the whole section is fundamentally misplaced for several reasons.

Also what does this mean?

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Paul B talk22 October UTC Sorry, I was needlessly snippy and I wasn't at all clear in my reading of your post or my answer, which is wholly my botch. For the case, I have added something about the controversial semantical differences. I don't really know much about it, as we have just the summary here, but I suppose you could be right.

But let's lesbajns it through before changing the.

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In the Baily, et. It's not supported by any of the footnotes here. Yes, clearly languages do change that's why it is a legitimate word in the sexual concept. For the sexual orientation, see homosexual orientation. If, as you suspect, it would be quickly deleted, I volunteer to undo that delete until someone could prove your sources unreliable, falsely cited, or wrong.

Either an or a is ok in front of histor First, it references the English use of the word according to the majority of reliable sources. If that would satisfy you, why not do it? Your support for such edits chat with a skegness the heterosexuality article is irrelevant because the point is that this information tells us nothing more than the fact that lots of sex le to the likely tranfer of various microrganisms, viruses etc.

Both the citation and the article it quotes seem reputable.

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The lawsuit failed and was likely notable only as a publicity stunt to draw tourists to Lesbos last spring. However, I'm willing to plug along and work on it here and there as necessary. It's pretty interesting, I've looked around a bit on this issue, and there are many points of view from many sources with lots of different takes why lesbians have more breast cancer, etc. Conclusion: This statement is unsupported by any evidence.

Along with the etymology of the word, other sections should be improved.

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This talk is busy because of them. My own thinking is, noting Milton's use of the word as an adjective meaning of Lesbos wouldn't be notable to the topic.

But it also has another meaning, as that should be here. If a word has two different meaning we don't have a single article about both of them.

Paul B talk24 November UTC Looking over this comment from Paul again and comparing it to the citations just above, I would like to ask you what evidence you ledbains there makes you think that there were any prostitutes or convicts in the populations studied. It is painfully clear that you have no consensus.

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Reading the article one will ntoe the term and it's history comes first. Looking to eat a girl text fast Gale talk4 June UTC update They lost the lawsuit in a Greek court Three residents of the Greek island of Lesbos have lost talo attempt to ban the use of the word "lesbian" to describe gay women and must pay a few hundred Euros in court costs.

See gay and homosexual both have different web s. He says nothing about any timeline difference between the words "lesbian" and "lesbianism", though "ism" coinages are typically 19th century. Lihaas talk23 October UTC Well,I've waited several days for any comments,so I will go ahead and add material based on the yalk I've identified.

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tk It should establish context, explain why the subject is interesting or notable, and summarize the most important points—including any notable controversies that may exist. After we hit the three undo limit, we met at the talk to try to work something out in good faith. Certainly heart disease is more common among at least one group of humans who statistically have more testosterone and less estrogen: males! Demographic, behavioural, and morbidity data were analysed from standardised medical records of patients attending a public STI local phone sex chat HIV service in Sydney between March and December I think this is noteworthy, perhaps in a one-sentence summary in History or in the very first paragraph.

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It should establish context, explain why the subject is interesting or notable, and summarize the most important points—including any notable controversies that may exist. Since the first insertion, your edits to this article have been reverted.

Having said that, however, the first sentence alone, about the non-STD health facts, has the potential public sex rooms it for a very nice section. After we hit the three undo limit, we met at the talk to try to work something out in good faith. There are many sites hosted by lesbian breast cancer awareness campaigns that we could use to cite it.

Gwen Gale talk22 October UTC I've just come into this, so I don't know what the recent history of the current section was, but I saw that the article curently says that "The word lesbian dates back at least to ".