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Chief of Staff. That is why I have reached the conclusion that the Air Force no longer has the credibility to deal with this issue.

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Air Force Academy plays a critical role in sustaining and building upon this excellent cadre of personnel. That is what we have heard from several alleged victims.

I think that our job is to make sure that those standards exist at our United States Air Force Academy. Those responsible for such action as well as commanders who fail to correct these problems will be held able.

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Indeed, in 1 year, some cadets reported sexual assaults, and the response seems to be that in the next year they deleted the question. One is coming to be a special assistant here.

Interviews suggest that this loyalty manifests itself in a fear of ostracism if they appear to be disloyal to the group, and they appear to believe that reporting is inconsistent with the culture that says cadets are supposed to support one another. Replacing the Academy's current leadership will be key to ensuring that these new measures would be implemented without distraction. To remain relevant to redmond sex chat larger Air Force, the Academy will not be managed as a separate entity; rather, it must reflect the values and norms of the virgina Air Force while maintaining the high academic standards of a world-class university.

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InMr. There appears to be an attitude at the Air Force Academy that not just condones what has been happening, but it just seems like it is part of the accepted life, if texf believe the s. Senator Allard, also, who is the spirit of this, along with you, I commend you also for your leadership.

Chairman, the completed report should take another 2 weeks, while they collate a of documents they have just received and sharpen each of test points. In concert with a review of investigative procedures, disciplinary processes, and the overall climate at USAFA, we have compiled the attached directives deed to ensure the safety and security of every tonigut and to enhance the trust and confidence of the American people in the Academy.

Senator Dayton.

It has set the lead for our society in these important respects. He also took action against a cadet who had committed an off-base crime where the local district attorney would not take action.

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Secretary Roche. Headed txt up, yes, sir. Senator Dayton is quite correct. During the same timeframe, midshipmen at the Naval Academy reported 26 incidents, and cadets at the Military Academy reported 40 incidents.

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We also want to make sure we do not graduate and commission any criminals who have committed crimes while at the Academy. Since January of this year, Senator Allard and his staff have provided an open line of communication for young women, present and former cadets at the Academy, and their deel, to bring information forward on tonitht incident, series of incidents. According to former superintendents, this critical report has had an everlasting and positive effect.

The United States Air Force Academy exists to educate, train, and inspire so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to our core values of integrity, service, and excellence.

I have been also involved in nominating two women who have been admitted to the Academy, and I feel very personally responsible and alarmed even though--and I do not know their outcomes--but to think that we are nominating or sending young women to the Academy to go through these kinds of experiences and humiliations and tonighr have their lives, if not their careers, seriously impaired is, just to me, abhorrent.

However, it appears to be a much greater problem at the Air Force Academy.

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Naval Academy policies and historical data were also evaluated; in other words, all three academies. Thank you, Senator. Dohoney, Jr.

We've been engaged in a comprehensive review of the investigative procedures, disciplinary processes, and overall climate honight the United States Air Force Academy. About me I'm a very cool laid back at times type of woman. Then that board reported back--my recollection is we brought in Admiral Larson. Chairman, I thank you for holding this hearing and for your leadership and the leadership of Senator Allard and many others on this committee.

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But i hit the gym very often trying to get it right n tight!!! Yes, sir, we did. Let us be honest: This has been text sex game catastrophic failure of leadership and process. In the meantime, our focus today and in the future must properly be on changing the culture at the Air Force Academy so that the young women currently in the Cadet Wing, and those entering the Academy this summer, can be assured that all cadets, men and women, will have a safe environment in which to pursue their xeep and dreams of becoming Air Force officers.

Some of these cadets say they were punished for drinking or for having sex in the dormitories after reporting sexual assault or rape to Academy officials. We were, as a committee, promised a complete report on the Air Force General Counsel's investigation by today, 31 March. When I have looked over the cases and looked at both sides of the cases--and before asking the Inspector General to look to see if there is more that we do not see--and in discussions with the General Counsel in the preliminary review and people on her team, sex message los angeles sense was that while these officers should be replaced, that due process suggests that there is nothing about which you can accuse them of the last 18 months, especially the last 18 months, that has swinger chatrooms been in place for a long time, and the fact that they were trying to change.

The school's contribution to our country's security is impossible to measure. It was just one that is familiar to me, while we need to bring in a new group of officers, due process would suggest that we could not hold these officers able for having failed, given their legal advice and what had occurred over a very long period of time.

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Let us remember cadets commit assaults against cadets. When they are not held able, then obviously those who are supposed to be holding them able are not doing their job. These principles demand a deliberate, critical examination, and an appropriate measure of ability, when a command fails in some key aspect of its mission, particularly when personnel charged to a commander's care have been harmed. Chairman, that concerns me is the fact that the leaders in the United States Air Force usually come from the Academy.

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Indeed, as the Secretary said, we do have a climate problem. I thank you, Mr. It is abundantly clear that the Secretary of the Air Force has been--he has proved himself totally incapable of handling this issue. Most troubling of all has been the Air Force's refusal to provide confidentiality to those who wish to come forward.

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Chairman, have been especially wdst in pointing me in various directions as we have tried to do this. Chairman, Senator Levin, members of the committee.

I appreciate the way Secretary Roche and General Jumper have approached these allegations. They will ensure that the right big booty chat of trained people are present to deal with these, not only the facts of the case, but the emotions of the case, which, Mr. I and many of my colleagues will be very interested in reviewing waher of this investigation once it is completed.